About Santa Cruz Burger Week

What is Santa Cruz Burger Week?
Santa Cruz Burger Week is brought to you by Good Times. During Burger Week, participating restaurants throughout Santa Cruz County will offer a fixed-price burger for $12, $15 or $18. With both longtime local favorites and new gourmet offerings, Burger Week encourages guests to try a new restaurant or rediscover a tried and true favorite. View specials online at SantaCruzRestaurantWeek.com and in the Feb. 21 issue of Good Times.

When is Santa Cruz  Burger Week?
Santa Cruz Burger Week is February 21 – 27, 2024.

I’m a restaurant owner and I’d like to learn more about participating.
Great! Call Good Times at 831-458-1100 or email [email protected] for more information.

How do I find out which restaurants are participating?
Visit our restaurants page. Restaurants will be added as they are confirmed.

Should I make a reservation?
If a restaurant accepts reservations, they are recommended, although not required. You can make reservations online by following the links provided.

Do I need to buy a pass?
No tickets or passes are required.

Are tax and tip included in the price?
No, tax and tip are not included.

Where can I find Burger Week menus?
Burger Week menus will be posted online as participating restaurants provide them. Find more information in the Feb. 21, 2023, issue of Good Times, available for free at more than 750 locations countywide.

Will Burger Week specials be available for lunch?
Each restaurant may vary depending on their open hours and preference.
Check their menus.

I can’t decide where to go—they all look delicious!
We know how you feel! One of the best things about Santa Cruz Burger Week is that it lasts a whole week. Visit a new restaurant or an old favorite every night! You can also view the Burger Week Specials ahead of time to plan.

This event is so cool! I’d like to sponsor it!
Thanks for your interest! We’d love to hear from you. Please call Good Times at 831-456-1100 or email [email protected] for more information.

Still curious about Santa Cruz Restaurant Week and Santa Cruz Burger Week?
Contact us and follow us on Facebook for giveaways and more!

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