Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Craving With Burger’s Luther

Skip traditional sesame buns for a donut with this sweet and savory specialty

By Denize Gallardo

For this year’s Burger Week, skip the traditional sesame buns for something a bit sweeter: a glazed Ferrell’s donut.

The donut is a feature of the Luther, a sweet and savory specialty at the restaurant aptly named Burger. It is a perfect example of one of the purposes of Burger Week, putting a spotlight on intriguing burgers. Both Burger locations in Santa Cruz and Aptos are participating in Santa Cruz Burger Week. Keira Avitia, manager of the Santa Cruz Burger location, fills us in on the details of what they are cooking up for this delectable week.

What will be your burger special for the week?

Avitia: We will be offering our most sought-after burger, the Luther. We will be serving this bad boy for only $10, and it comes with a side of fries or coleslaw. It’s a pretty sweet deal! 

Which Burger restaurants will be participating for the event? Which burger do you recommend trying during this week?

The Luther is a delicious combination of a sweet glazed donut, cut in half, lightly toasted, and then turned inside out to make the perfect donut bun. On the inside we take our 100% juicy grass-fed beef, thick bacon, and melty American cheese and top that with our house-made sauce … it makes for the perfect amount of sweet, yet savory! We really couldn’t think of a better combo. We pick up donuts daily from our friends over at Ferrell’s Donuts on Mission Street, just a few blocks away. Check them out! 

Why did you guys decide to participate this year? 

We live by the rule that every week is Burger Week (hence the name). We serve up burgers all day every day. Every year, Burger Week comes along and we have a huge customer base that asks for something special for the occasion. This year, we thought, give the people what they want!

Burger, 1520 Mission St., Santa Cruz, and 7941 Soquel Drive, Aptos. burgerlovesbeer.com.

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